Print That Out

AND I’LL CHOP IT (Heinlein)Why I don’t read leftists.

1. “I realized why I don’t like to argue with leftists. The problem is, it’s like a monster movie, or a nightmare, in which you keep pumping bullets into the demon, but it has no effect. And where’s the satisfaction in that?

Bob @ One Cʘsmos

2) These colossal fuck-trumpets, clutching fat, primary colored crayons, have no desire to scan the horizons for a clue; picking their toes serves as sufficient inspiration to wield a limited vocabulary and lack of cogent reasoning skills like a sack of putrid dead cats. Perusing the tedious droppings of these quarter-wits is akin to fighting your way through a dry stack of bethorned snatch, covered in clouds of endless bramble.

Daphne @ Jaded Haven

Sorta like that.

And more power to those with the stomach to venture into Indian Country and bring back reports of the natives.

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