Practice Makes Perfect Dept.

I’VE TWEAKED KEVIN BAKER at The Smallest Minority for his long-windedness upon occasion, although not a lot lately. One thing about putting a lot of words down is that the practice makes you more fluent. It’s certainly working for Kevin.

But enough strokage.

Lately, Kevin has been studying education. What he’s learned is not terribly surprising to me, but might be to you. Especially if you think that American public schools might be a bit sub-par, but the still mean well. They. Do. Not. The purpose of pedagogy as practiced by the educationist establishment since the days of John Dewey and the early “Progressive” movement has been to destroy Western civilization. Given that Western civilization is the light of the world, this purpose may be seen to be affirmatively evil. No points off for good intentions, even if the road to that place weren’t already paved with them.

As the teaching of the young is the one and only way to preserve a culture or a civilization, having our pedagogy perverted like this for so long — well, it’s no wonder we’re living in a decadent society. The wonder is that we’ve survivedd at all.

Wednesday’s epic at TSM: Go. RTWT.

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