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MAKE PERFECT. I’m continually amazed at the contrasts between the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party organization here in the Greater Cincinnati area and elsewhere — places you’d expect to be light years ahead of us, such as New York and/or Seattle.

By contrast with those smaller, hesitant, and rough-hewn efforts in large, major coastal port cities, this little midwestern burg has a TPO that’s virtually a roaring juggernaut. They’re training candidates and grassroots party orgoids from the level of precint captain on up — building an entire machine from the ground to the top-off tree. Hell, we even had Sean Hannity here (not to mention Glenn Reynolds) for the April 15th rally until Fox News got cold feet and yanked him back to New York.

Which might make other locales feel a tad inadequate. But it shouldn’t.

You see, as I should probably tire of repeating, but I can’t, the genesis of the Cincinnati TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party goes back almost twenty years, to the first year of the Clinton administration, with ex post facto tax hikes and Hillarycare in the offing. A local talk radio host, Mike McMurray (WCKY), organized a rally down on the riverfront, with guest speakers ranging from Rob Portman to Walter Williams to Willy Cunningham. And the TEA Party and the True Blue Patriots were eager participants.

So, when the the recent resurgence of grassroots energy began to flow, we already had the habit. So, of course our first tax day rally drew 7,000 and the one last week drew 10,000 paid attendees to the UC campus.

It was not an overnight success, is what I’m saying. The same names appear on the roster boards now who were in the van in ’93. So, if your city’s a bit lackluster today, remember it took us almost 20 years to get here. Cut your locals some slack. Give ’em some time.

Better yet, jump in and give ’em a hand.

Update: It looks as though the whole flap over Hannity’s sudden departure was due to Fox bigwig Roger Ailes’ being taken in by a Media Matters disinformation attack, which it looks to me like Debbie Schlussel is helping along. Thanks, Deb. With friends like you, who needs enemies?

Schlussel’s demands sound a lot like leftist agitprop, in the “When did you stop beating your wife?” vein, and evidence what looks to me like a desire to get a sniff of used underwear, rather than any reasonable questions. All parties involved should not only stonewall Schlussel, they should steamroll her until SHE demonstrates some loyalty to the cause. These matters of cost and expense accounting are none of her business, but are subject to regulatory review, which they will no doubt receive.

Ailes isn’t clear of fault on this by a long shot. An operative as experienced and savvy as he should know better than to get sucked into a George Soros black hole. If anybody’s done damage to the Fox brand in this matter, it is — as Insty regular, C.J. Burch observes — Ailes himself.

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