Powell Endorses

YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN back when Powell was having trouble deciding which party’s banner to run under for President that he was a trimmer. You should have known when he worked from his power base at State to undermine the President’s policies that he was a disloyal SOB. So it shouldn’t surprise you at all that he’d endorse for President a rampant socialist who threatens to destroy the country and that he’d do so solely on the basis of skin color.

(Aside: Why do we consider Barack Obama to be black? It would have anything to do with the recent socio-political privileging of that “social construct” as worthy of bias in its favor and as immune from criticism?)

What I find somewhat amusing is that, when Powell was a member of the Bush administration and engaged in policy actions that thwarted leftists’ aims, he was considered a “house nigger.” But now, it’s OK, because he’s endorsed That One.

You should never expect consistency from a leftist.

True enough. The Dylanologist has it right when he avers

It’s been well known for years that Powell leaned toward the left on most domestic issues, and this charade of continuing to call Powell a “respected Republican” is wearing more than a little thin.

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