Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

IS A COMMON LOGICAL fallacy — particularly in political matters. It is encapsulated neatly in the parable of a man who sees a horsedrawn carriage passing by an opening in a wall. He slaps his forehead and shouts, “I get it! The horse causes the carriage!”

Nor does association equal causality. Just because cigarette smokers — JUST because: that is, with that as the only cause — die more often of lung cancer DOES NOT mean that smoking cigarettes causes cancer. Nor do any other factors indicate a cause. If smoking cigarettes caused lung cancer all on its lonesome, the mortality rate would approach 100%. As it is, it’s less than 20%.

This is not to say that the opposite is true — that cigarette smoke is innocent of all charges — just that the positive statements of proven correlation are somewhat… overstated.

However, I think it can be taken as demonstrated to a high degree of certainty that, unions behave as though, because they are permitted to infringe on any number of enumerated civil rights of others — property rights, rights of free association, contract and agreements, and so-forth — they therefore have the license to engage in any practice — lawful or not — to gain their ends. (Or even NOT to gain their ends, as the barbaric behavior of union members and supporters here recently persuade, I’m sure, myriad fence-sitters to come down in opposition.) I believe that the granting of special license to unions to act in ways other groups or individuals are forbidden is at best a contributing factor to the taking of further liberties.

Nor is this lost on the majority of We the People. There’s a REASON union membership is falling where it is a voluntary matter and only growing where it is not. There ought to be a lesson therein.

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