Poo’ Bubbeh

BART STUPAK claims to have received death threats for his change of position on HCR. Poor baby. I might point out that he has, in collusion with the rest of those Democrats who voted for this abortion, issued a death threat to the American people.

Oh, come on, Alger! (She says, wondering if she is not, once again, on shaky ground — all unawares.) Surely that’s over the top!

Is it? (And don’t call me Leslie.) What is the matter at issue?

I dunno…

I’ll simplify it — that all Americans must buy health insurance — will ye or nill ye.

Ur… OK?

And if you refuse…?

They’ll fine you?

And if you continue to resist?

They’ll come and arrest you, to throw you in jail…?

And if you will not acknowledge their authority to do so and resist the arrest?

(She begins to feel the ground go out from under her feet.) They’ll point guns at you to force your compliance?

And if you continue to resist? If the officers who come to arrest you feel threatened — or bored?

::sigh:: They’ll kill you.

Correct! And was that end not implied at the start? Is that not the ultimate enforcement protocol for any law? If you refuse to comply and resist attempts to force you, the officers of the law have the legal authority to kill you. And it does not matter that they are in the wrong, that you are perfectly correct to resist them, as they are acting contrary to not only the Constitution, but also to civil rights statute law.

So, no. It’s not over-the-top to cast this bill as a death threat to the American people — and that’s without regard to the actual provisions of the bill, which will almost certainly result in a rising death rate from the failure of the medical system the bill implies to deliver effective care in a timely fashion.

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