Political Ennui

DESPITE MY APPARENT policy-wonkishness, I’m not really a political animal. I would far prefer to be left alone to tend my own vine and fig tree. Trouble is, the bastards won’t leave you alone. They have you in this trap whereby if you don’t participate, they make you pay worse than if you do. Look at what they did to Microsoft. And, by extension, the rest of us.

(Do you think the bursting of the dot-com bubble would have been anywhere near as bad or sudden if it weren’t for the Clinton DOJ’s persecution of Microsoft for the non-participation in the lobbying game? Step over here, m’boy. Have you ever considered transportation infrastructure real estate as an investment vehicle? There’s this neat device called a bridge. Vital link. Fairly low-tech as things go. Easy to build, but limited availability nonetheless. A significant high long-term return on investment. I know of one on the East Coast that’s about to become available. For a small remuneration of the ready, I’m sure I could get you in on the ground floor, as it were.)

I truly do believe as the founders did that the people of a polity have the right — the duty, even — to remove an overweening government, by force of arms if no other means suffices. The bitch of it is in the execution.

At times like these, near the end of a long and vicious campaign, I get burned out on it all. I just want to go away and pretend it doesn’t exist. I’m sick of the lies, the petty destructions, the patently evil motives for dastardly deeds. I’m so disappointed in my fellow citizens that they appear to be swallowing whole the tissue of lies and false promises put forth by the left hand. Despite the worst efforts of the partisan legacy press, the signs are out there for anyone to read. You don’t have to be an investigative reporter to understand that Barack Obama is not only unqualified to be President, he is a dangerous man on the basis of his policy prescriptions, and let alone his associations, influences, and mentors — a more perfidious and treacherous crew it would be hard to imagine.

How did we come to this state?

And then, I realize. This is their aim — to so dispirit the opposition, to (in the words of Dan O’Neill) “baffle them with bullshit” by spreading so many outrageous and palpable lies so quickly as to render all defense against the aggregate hopeless. They want to beat you by defeating you in spirit before you’ve even engaged.

Then again, it might not work.

Remember: the real fight happens in the privacy of the voting booth on election day. Until then, it’s all a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury — signifying nothing.

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