Planned Parenthood

LEMME GET THIS STRAIGHT: over the course of a year, a veritable holocaust of the unborn takes place in their facilities, that 60% of black pregnancies in this country are terminated in abortions, and the fact that it’s — scorn quotes — “only” some tiny percentage of their total activities is adduced as an excuse? Like that matters? Oh, it’s OK that you’re a genocidal mass murderer, because it’s such a small, tiny — infinitesimal, even — part of your total activities?

You can argue over when we legally recognize the personhood of an individual. But you ARE artificially terminating a human life, whether it’s legally a citizen or not. That’s horrific, whether it’s point-one percent or ninety-nine-point-one percent of the whole. If you can’t face that, maybe you need to re-examine your premises.

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