Persiflage and Pettifoggery

THE POLITICAL PROTOCOL known as “spin” must always be recognized for what it is: lying. In trying to cast a favorable light on something that may not be seen in such a light in the cold light of day, or — conversely — to darken the perception of a thing in order to shift opinion away from its favor… These are all ways of distorting the truth. Of lying.

Similarly, when one needs to “spin” an act of government, and try to shoehorn it into a spun interpretation of the constitutional text, the wise and informed voter will always see the attempt for what it is — a lie.

And remember: when a politician cannot tell you the truth for fear you will no longer trust him, why should you trust him in his lies? A politician who lies to you once should never be trusted again. On anything.


So why do you continue to support leftists?

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