Perhaps You Might Find

THE REPORTS of minor — and major — rebellions over automated traffic ticketing systems persuasive of my thesis that We the Little People are — and have been for a very long time — fed up with high taxation.

We don’t get to vote on income taxes or Mediscare or Soshe Security taxes. We don’t get to vote on gas taxes and cigarette taxes and — mostly — sales taxes. Sure, we vote for legislators in roughly equal numbers who promise to cut all our taxes and turn the bastards out and/or deliver all manna from The Capitol to all and sundry near and far (at no cost to you!).

But you watch where taxes do come up for votes. School levies. Bottle taxes…

Red light cameras.

I submit — and have since the ’60s — that a principal reason that local levies go down to such frequent defeat (and frequently underservedly so) is that the taxes that really bug people are safely out of reach.

And you know your legislators want it that way.

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