Perhaps the Snark Here

IS TOO SUBTLE or something, but the post is so earnestly written that I suspect it is, at least in part, well… in earnest.

And methinks ser Williamson has made a bit of a category error, in that he assumes the #OWS temper tantrums are intended to persuade anyone of anything.

Me, I don’t think so.

This looks a lot less like the free speech movement and a lot more like the Youth International Party. In other words — shit-stirring for its own sake. Somebody, somewhere, with the money to drive this thing, sees benefit in the chaos. And that is the only end of the exercise.

Because, as Michael Z observes, this stuff is not rocket surgery. It’s old hat, has been known and taught red diaper babies in their mother’s milk for well over a century. There are no unintended consequences, and disingenuously pretending there are in the aid of social satire is a chump’s game.

He said.

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