People Who Tell Me

TO SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP need themselves to get a grip (and, yes, I mean YOU, Glen Beck). (And You, Glenn Reynolds.

“If I believe in our system. If I believe in our Constitution…” says Beck.

BULL! Allow me to say this: SHIT!

Obama has already committed impeachable offenses — high crimes and misdemeanors, waging war against the Constitution of the United States. By his very words, he has indicated an intention to violate his oath of office before he has even been sworn in.

“You are required to accept him as President of the United States.”

BULL! Allow me to repeat myself: SHIT!

“He was rightfully elected…” says Beck.

BULL! Allow me to repat myself yet again: SHIT!

Citizens are bound to accept the winner of a free and open electoral process, in a fair and honest election. There was no free and open election. There was no honest election. The taint of corruption poisons us all. But THAT doesn’t matter!

What does matter is this!

The President is sworn to an oath of office. He requires himself, he commits himself, to preserve and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic…

If while Obama was being sworn in at this point, were honesty enforce real-time, his tongue would jump out of his mouth and run screaming down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Because his campaign promises were commitments to violate each and every term of Article II of the Constitution and at least eleven of the ten amendments in the Bill of Rights.

How. The. Pluck. Does. That. Make. Him. Legitimate!!!??

Jeeble cripes, people!

And Beck has the un mitt ti gated gall to urge us to “Stand by your principles”?

Give. Me. A. Fudging. Break!

“Who doesn’t,” Beck continues to witter, “Wish Obama the best? Who doesn’t want for him to come into office and solve all of the problems the country faces?”

Who the hell are you and what have you done with the real Glen Beck?

I’ll tell you who doesn’t. Me. Myself. I. At worst I want him to do nothing the Constitution doesn’t permit him. At best, I want him to leave me the hell alone. Stop playing pool in my pocket. Quit fouling up the economy…

Considering he hasn’t done anything…

He ran as a Democrat, dinnee? Therefore he bears at least one five-hundred-thirty-fifth of the responsibility for the trashing of the economy since the current Congress was sworn in in 2007. You know — the crowd actually responsible for the “failed” “Bush” economy. To the extent the government can have any effect on the economy, it’s all negative, and it all has to do with A) confidence (i.e., talking down the economy is a self-fulfilling kinda thing) and 2) fiscal and monetary policy… deficit spending contributes to inflation, which robs us all of the value of our wealth and the buying power of our income. No defense for the Republicans, but still it bears pointing out that matters started to go into the toilet when the Pelosi-Reed Congress took hold of the reins of power.

So, if he can rein in Congress’s excesses, I might offer grudging support. But, since his campaign promises indicate he intends just the opposite course…

No. I don’t want him to “solve” problems I don’t face. I’d be one hell of a lot better off if he’d just leave me the finagle alone. Mind his own furgling business. Butt the hell out.

You know — like the Constitution says he should.

Like, in swearing his oath of office, he’s promised to do — right out there in front of God and everybody.

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