Pat Gray, Sitting in For

GLENN BECK ON FRIDAY asks, “How does Nancy Pelosi get away with the lie?”

Rhetorically, I suspect.

I suppose. But there is an answer. Congress isn’t Parliament. Listen to Prime Minister’s Question Time, for instance. Listen to the opposition MPs reacting to the PM’s speech. The Democrats in Congress can get away with lying as they do because the rules of each house demand decorum and prohibit things like Joe Wilson’s (entirely apposite and truthful) outburst during the State of the Union Show.

I notice, though, that the risk of being called on their bullshit hasn’t stopped British leftists from lying.

Possibly. But the wider point is that the Democrats get no questions, no opposition, no throwing of the bullshit flag, no being brought up on charges. So, of course, they keep it up. Why shouldn’t they?

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