Over the Weekend

PASSIVE GUY POSTED items which mentioned and commented on attempted takedown(s) of Amazon at The Nation.

Which I find risible. The Nation items, not PG, who is an invaluable resource in the indie-pub community.

And PG took a moment to explain to overseas readers that The Nation is “far left” and nowhere near the American Mainstream. More to the point, I say, The Nation is a commie rag and really isn’t worthy of anyone’s consideration on any point.

And, in illustration of which, the whole anti-Amazon wheeze is that Amazon is causing the demise of a <sarc>rich and vibrant</sarc> bookselling culture — composed as it has been until recently of half Barnes and Noble-Borders and half quirky independents. Rich. And vibrant. Right… More like inefficient, overpriced, hostile to customers, and out-of-touch with their desires.

But what do you expect from a bunch of parlor pinks? An understanding that markets exist for the benefit of the buyer? That, if sellers do not serve their fellowman (read: customers), they will not sell, will not survive? Don’t make me laugh.

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