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COUPLE OF WHATEVERS (weeks, months, years — whatever), there’s been a whole tank-car full of pixels expended on the death throes of the traditional, New York publishing houses. I’m not certain that all of those houses will be going away in the near future — only the ones who aren’t smart and nimble enough to adapt to new realities. (I’m betting on Baen’s making the transition handily, inter-unnamed-alia.)

David Gaughran has a take on some of it.

Here’s an illustration of how easy it is to do some of the mechanics of this.

I got a late start on my dinner Wednesday night. It was coming down on eight-thirty, and I’d just thrown some sirloin cubes on to brown. Figure five minutes per turn/stir. I picked up my Kindle and realized I’d finished the book I was reading. I wanted to read the sequel, but knew it wasn’t available on Amazon, so googled for another edition. What I found was in Word .doc format. So I dl’d it. At the same time, I googled, dl’d, and installed Calibre. That’s just by way of telling you I had no experience or practice in the process. While I was at it, I found the third book in the series in .doc format. (These are all out of copyright, BTW, by a long-dead author so I’m not ripping off the author or anything.)

I loaded the .doc formats into Calibre. Tried a conversion. Got told I needed Open Office format. Fair enough. Fire up OOO Writer. Text is unbroken. Go through and put hard page breaks before all the chapter starts. Save. Re-load in Calibre.

In between this, I’m popping downstairs every five minutes to stir my beef.

By 9:00, I was eating my own idiosyncratic steak-and-eggs, reading the sequel to the book I’d finished at 8:30 — having, in essence, self-published the book.

Food for, as they say, thought.

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