Only Three Days Left

IN NANOWRIMO and it looks, barring a miracle, as though my final tally will fall short even of 20,000 words. If I get on a real hot streak, I might be able to pull out another 5,000 words. That counts as a loss. Not that it’s a write-off. Just that I didn’t make the goal of 50,000 words minimum, let alone the idea of finishing off a 75,000 word novel. I’m not quitting, (obviously), but regrouping.

A bunch of us are going to keep rolling the cameras, so to speak, and move on to a December and a January version and so-forth. Never say die.

It also calls into doubt my ability to get It’s Dolly’s Birthday out by Christmas. That doesn’t change my promise to new members of BTB, just push back the date I’ll be able to deliver on it.

So it stands: all new members who sign up before December 20, and remain members in good standing (don’t get into spamming comments or link phishing, the way some already have) will receive free copies of the ebook of It’s Dolly’s Birthday when I publish it. The first publication will probably be Kindle Direct or CreateSpace, but that’s a ways off, still, so we’ll see.

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