Only Ten?

IO9 LISTS Ten Actual Mistakes That SyFy Has Made Over the Years.

My first reaction was, “Only ten?”

But then, I realized it’s not even ten. It’s only one: they don’t run science fiction.

They have 21 hours of prime-time weekly, but they run five (count ’em — FIVE) science fiction shows — and of the four currently running, three of them are on Monday night. Eureka (which has been cancelled — stupidly), Warehouse 13, and Alphas. And Haven is lost all by its lonesome out at 10 O’Clock Friday night.Sanctuary is not running right now, and the only other science fiction or fantasy show even LISTED is Neverland, which is not starting until November.

The rest of the schedule is filled with faux documentaries about really badly-faked modern-day quests, and — Great Googly Moogly! — Professional Wrestling? That earthquake last month on the East Coast? That was Hugo Gernsbach and John W. Campbell rolling over in their graves.

Somebody ought to start up a real fantasy and science fiction channel and blow these poseurs’ doors off.

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