One of My Un-favorite Bits

OF POPULAR LORE is the despicable contention that it’s better to beg foregiveness than to ask permission. It’s wrong on so many levels, and corrosive to the moral fiber of the nation. Hell: the world.

My rejoinder is: don’t apologize, don’t do it in the first place. And, no, on principle, foregiveness is not to be forthcoming from me. If Vengeance is Mine (His), according to the Lord, then I’d say foregiveness is reserved to Him as well.

But a gaffe is sometimes defined as unintentionally speaking an embarrassing truth.

So, when Mark Halperin was caught saying that Obama had behaved as a bit of a dick the other day, (And so what else is new?), and then apologized…

As I’ve said here before, I’ve never said anything online (that I can recall) that I’m not willing to own, although sometimes people have prevailed upon me to paper over statements for the sake of others. And I’d be more than willing to say out loud, in front of God and everybody, that Obama is a dick. An arrogant prick. A veritable phallus of fallacy. An obelisk of obfuscation. A gnomon of nastiness.

And I refuse to apologize on the grounds that I speak nothing but the truth.

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