On Assignment

TIME TO INSTALL A “PASSIVE GUY posts” macro. The guy is just a one-man clearinghouse for the indie-author-publisher revolution.

Passive Guy posts on a contractual object called an Assignment Clause. This apparently makes your work, your future, and your career an asset of a corporation when it is sold. That your contract with Corporation A automatically becomes — willy nilly — a contract with Corporation B, when the latter purchases the former.

I have long been of the opinion that this ought to be unlawful. Or illegal, if you prefer. It ought not be allowed. When a corporation is sold, all of its contracts must be re-negotiated, and the parties thereto offered the option to walk away from the agreement.

I can hear the objections already — that you’d never be able to sell a corporation so encumbered, that this would make public financing virtually impossible, and blah-blah-blah. Sorry. Being an absolutist as to the supremacy of the rights of the human individual (and seeing no reason to alter that stance), I see that not as a bug, but as a feature. Deal.

The corporate shield should not protect the owners or the managers from their own incompetence or foul-dealing. If selling the company to save it means losing half its assets when creatives under contract jump ship, let that be an incentive to manage your assets better.

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