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TAKES NOTE OF A promising phenomenon. The whole redlight/speedtrap camera thing is so troubling in so many ways, not least of which plops down when the citizenry, in the form of a ballot initiative or referendum, voices a resounding “HELL NO!” (“!!!”) to the concept, and the lords and masters at City Hall try to figure a way around the prohibition…

Why is that?

What? That busybodies can’t take “NO!” for an answer?

Yeah. Din’t their moms teach ’em not to ask fer somethin’ if yer not pr’pared to hear, “No!”?

I believe that question answers itself when you reinforce the notion of: check it out — busybodies?

Yeah. I can see that. But, anyway, Ol’ Mostly?

Oh. Right.

Mostly takes note of a phenom in the People’s Republic of Montgomery County, Maryland, wherein some bright sparks at the local high school have taken to revenge speeding. They’ll forge the license tag of some social enemy — well enough to fool the cameras, it appears — and speed past a known spybot station. Trips camera, et, voila! (mirable dictu!), one ticket is shortly forthcoming to enemy’s house.

Gotta love the social symmetry. A lot of us have wondered if the things could be brought down, (short of the practice of necklacing, as they have instituded in Blighty), by challenging them on Fifth Amendment grounds — you know, the right to face your accuser in court. Hale that camera into court. OK, the operator, or an employee of the operating company. Make it not-worthwhile and maybe they’ll go away.

Of course, there’s a cost to that.

True enough. But you gotta wonder if some smart boy with a law degree might figure out a way to chase that ambulance to everyone’s profit.

But these kids have figured out an even more nifty-neato way — render the things effectively useless.

Ahhh. American ingenuity at its finest.

Now, as Insty suggests

They should do it to some prominent local politicians and see how long the cameras last…

In fact, I would urge adding that to the Official Redlight Camera Resistance Handbook: punk the politicians.

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