OK. If The Birther Thing

IS SUCH A DISTRACTION why is Obama fighting it so hard? To sow dissention in the ranks on the Right?

Somehow, Alger, that doesn’t follow. That Obama is fighting being forced to produce a real birth certificate, (and not that Sears learner’s-permit POS they keep trying to say is the real thing) isn’t the reason people say the issue distracts from other, more important issues.

So sayeth da Doll.

So sayeth da Doll.

You’re just like all the ecumenists among so-called moderates (read: closet leftists) on the Right (but not in the Right, if you get the distinction). You’re accepting the contention that peace is the absence of resistance to leftist jihad.

::wobbita wobbita wobbita wobbita::

And you’re failing to learn from history.

OK, Alger! Enough with the non-sequiturs!

When do leftists fight the hardest to prevent the revelation of any bit of information?

Wull… when it’s the truth!

Right in one. Do the math.

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