Oh. Well, Then, They’ll


Christ, you know it ain’t easy to keep repeating that over and over, but apparently some people can be pretty thick.

I thought that most scientists accept that global warming is happening, just not so… much. Y’know?

Well, that’s complex. Overall, since the end of the last ice age, yeah. Global temps are generally trending warmer. That’s a good thing. That’s also got an asterisk that reads, “As far as we are able to tell, plus-or-minus x degrees.” That is to say, we don’t really know the temperature of the planet. All anybody’s ever been able to do is to take an average of the readings and say that is the magic number. But they don’t know. They can’t, because they don’t have the data. And I submit to you that, in order to gather the data with any reasonable degree of precision, and at sufficient resolution to be meaningful, the data collection mechanism would approach in size, scope, and complexity (and chaos) that system it is designed to measure — to whit, the atmosphere.

But, yeah. Where we’ve looked and when we’ve looked, the temperature record indicates an upward trend. Less, by the way, than the margin of error. What that means is anybody’s guess. Since we also don’t have the meta data with any degree of reliability, we don’t and can’t know that, either.

But, isn’t most of science based on similar types of guesses?

Sure. But that doesn’t mean you design systems that people’s lives depend on without rigorously testing the science. And this current — scorn quotes — “science” is falling apart like wet paper napkins at the slightest provocation, when tested.

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