Oh, Holy Crap

VODKAPUNDIT is ten years old. I just woke up and realized, “HFS! It’s 2012!” I’ll have been blogging ten years come some day in April (24th, I think.) Of course, Stephen has a lot more to show for it than I do. That liver! Thanks for the mentions along the way.

Oh. Right. It says so up there on the right. April 21, 2002.

Yes, we’re going to a party, party. Yes, we’re going to a party, party. BIRTH-day… Git-tar!

I think at that point in the song, it’s actually piano. ::sings:: I would like you do dance – BIRTHday. Take a cha-cha-cha-chance!

WHAT. EV-errrr.

But with piano. That Blüthner concert grand.

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