Oh Frabjous Day!

COLD SNAP Thursday and Friday. Thaw Saturday. Kitchen full of water from a burst pipe in the utility room. No water at Casa d’Alger. Gotta love winter.

Update: The thing that was really freaking me out — aside from having to work in cold, dirty water, with my hands in cold, wet insulation, that is — was having to sweat the joints. In tight quarters. Surrounded by cold, wet, but still somewhat flammable insulation and wood. Plus I just hate sweating joints on general principles. Probably has to do with most of my joints-sweating having been done in less-than-optimum conditions (read: cold, wet, cramped), under some type of stress.

Man was I delighted to discover these little puppies.

Standing in the plumbing aisle at Home Despot, amongs a bunch of other guys and couples, no doubt there for the same reason as Toni and I, I discovered the placard for Shark Bite. I read the material quickly and made a selection. I exclaimed, “This is a miracle, if it’s for real.”

The HD associate, walking by accompanied by a lucky couple who’d glommed onto him first, overheard and averred going away, “Then it’s a miracle. It’s for real. It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.”

Plumbing joints with no solder, no tools. (Well, I used a cutter and a cupped wire brush to cut and clean the copper tube.) Just push and… that’s it.

Based on having our water on with no sweat… I agree. Greatest thing since sliced bread.

Although I’m sure some hippies might disagree. You know — the ones who don’t appreciate the massive contribution plumbing makes to civilization.

I’m for the showers. Ta!

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