Observation Number 900

TODAY’S CLOUD OBSERVATION is Number 900 in the series. In case you’re interested, it was taken in November of 2004 at the place I call the Cloud Observatory — the Comisar Pavilion at Alms Park in Mt. Lookout, Cincinnati, overlooking the Ohio River near Columbia, the first settlement in the Three Rivers area.

If I had been posting these steadily, five days a week, 900 posts would be roughly equal to three-and-some years. However, I’ve been posting them more desultorily since 2005. (Observation #1 is dated June 16, ’05.)

It all started when I was thinking about a line in a Dolly story, about how Dolly likes to go out in a grassy field on a day with blue sky and white, puffy clouds, and keep her cloudwatching chops up. ‘Cause you never know when that hot job will come open — running a cloud observatory. It seemed to me like such a great idea that I’d like to open a place up. Go into business for myself, running a cloud observatory.

Then, on a whim one day, I took a jaunt up to Alms Park. Hadn’t been there in a dog’s age. Actually: 15 years or more. And I found — to my great delight — that some elves had been in and built, of all things, a cloud observatory — right on the breast of a hill with a magnificent view across Fort Thomas in Kentucky to the Southwest, whence come all the really cool clouds around here.

The rest, as they say, won’t make it into the history books. I don’t have the time or energy to post one every day — even every week day — but I do when I can. I hope y’all enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy posting them.

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