YOU KNOW, THE MORE I hear Obama drawing four class warfare cards to an inside straight, the more pissed off I get. He rants about how the Republicans can’t even get off their duffs to help the Democrats (read: give them cover) to pass such an utterly unserious proposal as raising a tax on corporate jets (Yeah, that’s brilliant; make executive time even MORE expensive. Idiot!) that’ll bring in a whole whopping — what did they say the number was? — three hundred million over ten years? Or was it three billion? In either case, measured against a thirteen-figure ANNUAL budget deficit, the notion is risible. Despicable, even.

And where the fuck does he get off? I know it’s kind of cliche these days to point out that he has an obligation — having sworn an oath — to honor, obey, uphold, and defend the Constitution, which requires that all citizens be treated equally, but … day-um! How much more of this shit do we have to put up with?

* You can pronounce this Obama lies or Obamilies (rhymes with homilies) or Obamolies (rhymes with anomolies). ANYway…

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