Obama Lies to His Autobiography

(I FORGET. IS THAT the one ghosted by noted American terrorist, Bill Ayers? Or is that the other one?)

The hagiographers in the partisan legacy media argue that there was no real intent to deceive. Obama (or Ayers — whichever) was merely “compressing” women for dramatic effect or something. A — scorn quotes — “non-fiction” book, apparently, is not required to hew to the same dictum as fiction that it actually make sense.

Which brings to mind the question: Does not “Not intended to be factual” equal “intended to deceive?”

And isn’t compressing women rather dehumanizing. Doesn’t it kind of objectify them? Make cardboard cutouts of them, rather than allowing them to be real, flesh-and-blood people?

And, how creepy is the exchange, “I Love You,” “Thank you.”

Or did he say, “Thank me”?

And then there’s poor Julia. Talk about cardboard cutouts!

And a note to the Obama campaign? The whole “tax cuts for the rich” wheeze is getting a bit tired and threadbare. And, frankly, sounds kinda desperate. Can we come up with a new one?

For some clever use of social media, take a cue from Monty Python?

Whatever. You guys do need — seriously — some help. How can you run the most powerful country in the world if you can’t even — ever — get Twitter right. What is it, now, The American People 6 and The White House zip?

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