O’Bama Believes

THAT MOSLEMS HAVE THE right to practice their religion…

The right to conquest by the sword;

The right to deceive and defraud their unbelieving neighbors;

The right to enslave non-Moslems;

The right to murder Christians and Jews;

The right to beat their wives and children, or to kill them under certain circumstances;

The right to beat or kill total strangers who display insufficient respect for or obeisance to Islam.

Islam is not a religion. It is a toxic political ideology that masquerades as a religion.

The holy book of the religion not only authorizes, but requires its adherents to lie and dissemble in the service of Islam. This is the doctrine called taqiyya. This means that you can, by the articles of his own faith, trust nothing a Moslem says.

Islam’s faithful seek to replace non-Moslem law with Sharia. In the United States, this means that, by hook or by crook, by stealth or naked force, they seek to supplant the Constitution.

If encompassed: This. Is. Treason. A capital crime against the people and Constitution of the United States.

The ruling class can’t admit that, because they would be tarred with the same brush.

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