Now Indiana

DEMOCRATS ARE FLEEING THEIR responsibilities like the British in that classic Johnny Horton song about the Battle of New Orleans.

Yeah, they ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles
And they ran through the bushes where a rabbit couldn’t go.
They ran so fast that the hounds couldn’t catch ’em
Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s clear all this cowardice is a desperation, hail-Mary pass kind of maneuver. I wonder how long it’ll be before the Democrats realize what a loser of a tactic it is.

Well, if their aim is to shut down the legislative process, then they’ve succeeded, haven’t they?

True. But the voters can see it’s a tantrum the Dems are throwing, and they’re not disposed to let it slide.

And Rush has a most apposite question: When was the last time a clusterfuck of Democrats fled their responsibilities on your behalf, and not at the behest of narrow special interests?

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