Not to Be Disingenuous

BECAUSE YOU KNOW the intent of the NAALCP’s resolution against the TEA Parties is invidious, but it isn’t hard to sense that the Left’s self-assessment is that their arguments are weak on the merits, and that therefor, the ad hominem is all they have left to fall back on.

Especially considering that there are more than enough black and brown folk in the TEA Party ranks to give the canard the lie.

The trouble is, the racialist card been the default — if you will — Hail Mary for so long it’s become a stock — if hackneyed — stance, a virtually guaranteed loser with all but the most embedded tools, a cliche so shopworn as to bear more witness marks than the ink of the original text.

Lame and made of fail.

As Chris Muir so deftly points out today. (Send money.)

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