Not Sayin’ I’m Glad to Be

FEEDIN’ MY BRAIN to that sub-legal alien, Alec Baldwin, (How’s France, Alec?), but I realized the other day that I’d missed the airing of the premiere episode of Dollhouse and hadn’t set the DVR to record it, so I would have to find some other way to see it. Turns out Fox doesn’t do repeats — at least not in this burgh. So it’s catch it at the regularly-scheduled moment or DVR it, or…

Well, hell, I told myself, you can see every other show out there on the Internet, why not this one? Googled “Dollhouse episodes” and, surprahz, sur-prahz, there in the top handful of links was Hulu.

I recognize that name. (See? It DOES pay to advertise.) So I clicked right over there and…

Wasted a lot of time this past weekend watching a show from the creators of Xena: Warrior Princess called The Legend of the Seeker, apparently based on a MEQF (Medieval European Quest Fantasy) — i.e., a Tolkien wannabe — by Terry Goodkind. Which, while quite as awful as XWP, I find thoroughly enjoyable.

And it was a bit of old home week, recognizing names in the credits, faces under the wigs, and little fragments of not-American accents slipped up — er, in — from time-to-time.

I’ve signed up for a Hulu account. Seems a more pleasant way to watch TV shows than interrupted by five-minute commercial breaks. The 15-60-second spot breaks are quite bearable, and almost flow by unnoticed.

I see they have the first two seasons of Babylon 5 and are trying to get more.

It’s free. WTF not?

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