Not Negative

IT IS NOT — scorn quotes — “negative” campaigning to tell the truth about your opponent. As the McCain-Palin team are doing in asserting that Obama’s association with the avowed and unrepentant terrorists William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn will not bear close scrutiny.

It is, however, negative campaigning — and dirty tricks, to boot — to lie about your opponent’s involvement in a corruption and bribery scandal which enmeshed members of your own party (with an eerie parallel to a current scandal and crisis), which the Obama-Biden campaign is doing by trying to re-hang the Keating Five scandal around McCain’s neck.

For the record AGAIN, noted Democrat attorney, Robert Bennett, (a.k.a. Unca Bob), has repeatedly affirmed that he cleared McCain of any taint of corruption at the time the Keating Five affair was first investigated. And no further evidence has surfaced since. The legacy partisan press once again reveals how far in the tank it is for Obama by failing to point this out and by drawing an equivalence between the two situations, which manifestly are not equivalent.

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