Not Impressed by All the Chin Pulling

OVER WHETHER TO RELEASE the most recent photo album from the bin Laden household. All the pundits seem worried as to how the islamist tumblefucks will react.


Why should we care? It doesn’t matter what we release or don’t release, the ‘splodeydopes are going to sieze on … whatEV-errr … as icons of martyrdom. Trembling in fear of their reaction is not the way to go.

Rub their faces in it. “Do you see? This is the fate that awaits you when you attack us. Not glorious martyrdom, but ignominious death, hiding behind women, scrabbling for your very life, your rotting corpse dropped unceremoniously in the nearest ocean, while your executioners shower and tuck in to steak with all the trimmings and ice cream for dessert.”

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