Not Holding Much of a Brief

FOR CLERGY QUA clergy, I find myself in a somewhat uncomfortable position of coming down on the side of that most turbulent of preachers, the Reverend Pat Robertson. Not praising him, mind. I don’t believe that he represents much that’s Christly in his condemnations of all and sundry at every cusp of events — especially the ones that turn downward. But folk in the Right should exercise caution surrendering to knee-jerk agreement with the legacy partisan press when they attack preachers of whatever stripe.

It is being pointed out in various locales — Flea’s and Blackiswhite’s to name but two — that Robertson has, first, only said about the Haitians and their Faustian bargain on government what the Haitians have said themselves, and that even those words have been substantially perverted by those reporting them.

Not able to say it happens every time with scientific precision, but certainly it happens with sufficient frequency to make it the safe bet: when the Left piles on, taking the diametrically opposite tack will rarely steer you onto the reef.

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