Not Generally a Big Fan of

WRITING ASSIGNMENTS because, well, I crash and burn too often. The hunt for inspiration somehow turns into some kind of a medieval European quest fantasy with D&D-style tokens and suchlike to gather up and carry along to the goal of marrying the princess…

Sort of like now.

Er… Yeah. Just like now.

But every once in awhile — also sort of like now — one smacks you across the face like a well-swung 2×4 and you just have to respond.

Wouldn’t that count as inspiration?

Why… Yes, Dolly. I do believe it would.

OK, then. Quit with the vamp-until-ready and cut to the hook.


A lady I admire greatly has done me a signal honor. Goodmistress Breda — of the Fallacy, yes, the naughty-shooty librarian herself — has awarded me (and this is all on the up-and-up) the Superior Scribbler award.

(Clicky the Piccy to be taken for an explanation of the award.)

And, according to the form of the thing, I must now in my turn, award the same to five more bloggers — writers of excellence in my estimation — (and, one presumes, not previously recognized for this award), and link to them.

This is the hard part. How to choose? As though my circle of acquaintance in the blogosphere is anywhere near dispositive.

Oh, well, just pick your favorites from the blogroll.

Yeah. That should be easy.

(Famous last words.)

::scrolls through blogroll:: Nope, already been… Nope, it would be presumptuous… Hmm. This is harder than I thought.

Aha! A two-fer!

First nomination, a tie: two of my co-conspirators at Eternity Road, Francis W. Porretto, for his muscular prose, thoughtful posts, lively humor, relentless logic in the pursuit of the light, and his energetic encouragement of other bloggers. And Duyen Ky — a.k.a. Fetiche Nouvelle — for her sprightly prose, her unflinching confrontation of evil and stupidity, her inspiring entrepreneurial spirit, for the steel that brought her out of slavery and halfway around the world to make a new life, and for her gentle but uncompromising tweaking of Fran. Watch who both of them nominate. I’ll guarantee you their choices will surprise and delight you and you will more than likely discover new frequent stops on your daily travels through the blogosphere.

Third nomination: Mr. Nicholas Packwood, Ghost of a Flea, who manages the same ecclectic selection of material I strive for but never seem to achieve, who has a writing style that is easy on the inner ear but never soporific, and a wicked sense of humor. Sorry: humour. The Flea is a Canadian, but seems to understand — to grok in the truest sense of the original Martian — the American political scene better than so many Americans — and virtually the entire American Left. And anybody who has a crush on Alyson Hannigan has my sympathy — er, is alright by me.

Fourth: Joe Huffman, who blogs The View From North Central Idaho, as well as trenchant observations of the political scene from the perspective of a well-trained and -experienced gunny. Joe always seems to have the bons mots for the moment, whereas I generally have the esprit d’escalier.

And finally but not last or least — I could go on for awhile like this, but I’m limited to five: Frank W. James of Corn, beans, spent brass, an empty page and a deadline…. Frank writes well and muscularly on myriad subjects. He reminds me in some ways of Ernest Hemmingway, and I’m not just saying that to suck up. If you are an aspiring scribbler, you could do worse than to observe and learn from Farmer Frank. He writes about what he knows and he knows a lot about some damned interesting stuff.

And now, the fine-print. First: The Rules:
Every Superior Scribbler will name 5 other Super Scribblers.If you are named you must link to the author & the name of the blog that gave you the award. Then you must display the adorable award and link to THIS POST, which explains the award. The same post also allows you to add your link. Then they will have a record of all the people who are Super Scribblers!

Breda: I am so buying you a beer Sunday. You and Mike better show or I’m drinking it, too.

Speaking of l’esprit d’escalier, I realize that I should add that I could go on for some while adding names to this list because — having got up a head of steam — I realize how many stellar individuals there are in my blogroll — that being the what of the why they are there.

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