No Progress

COYOTE (Warren Meyer) TAKES NOTE of a post by one Violet at Reclusive Leftist, “Dreaming of Diocletian.”

Meyer rightfully castigates “Violet” for her idiocy and points out that, far from being a paragon of liberty and small-r republican virtue, Diocletian was a despicable tyrant, who instituted many practices that carried over the fall of the Roman Empire and into what we now see as the worst of the Dark Ages.

Me, I find the behavior quite typical of the Left, which is constantly engaged in inversions of the truth and projection and transferrance.

From its very beginning, the so-called Progressive movement appears to have been nothing so much as the expression of a desire to crawl out of the brave new world of individual liberty and back into the womb provided by that fuedal social organization so recently shed and so widely (and rightly) condemned as not being conducive to true human progress. Although Progressives have hollowed out the Democrat party and parasitized its constituents, neither their public policy prescriptions nor their practices in running their party organizations are democratic in nature. That Progressives engage in wistful fantasies of kingly power is readily apparent from the nature of what they propose for the rest of us and how they intend to avoid the worst of their strictures in their own lives.

No one should find anything surprising in “Violet”‘s post, including the little codicil added after she received some criticism for the witlessness of her maunderings that she was just kidding. (Can’t you take a joke?) Scratch a liberal, find a fascist.

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