No Cap and Trade

IS URGING A boycott of a passel of large corporate enterprises on the basis of their support for the odious cap-and-tax regime being put forth by the warmists and other fascists.

Fair enough. Live by the astroturf, die by the grassroots.

But, the inefficacy of boycotts aside, folks should be aware that probably very few of the managers of said companies — let alone their boards of directors or shareholders — actually believe all that strongly that mankind is dangerously warming the planet. Nor do I think that, like GE, they have nefarious commercial motives, such as GE’s desire to make hay while the sun shines on their compact fluorescent bulbs.

I mean, with incandescent bulbs so cheap (and essentially disposable), why would you chase the illusory savings (pennies over years) on your electric bill in favor of bulbs that deliver dim light of unpleasant color, and require the hazmat suits to come take them away if they break or once they’re exhausted? And the window of opportunity must be narrow, what with cheap, pleasing, bright, and environmentally friendly LED bulbs looming ever larger on the horizon.

Does Pepsi have a similar interest? Hardly. I think they’ve just been persuaded that this is a relatively harmless enthusiasm of their customers that they should be seen to be going along with. As their customers disabuse them of that notion, the smarter companies will back away from the position.

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