Newt Gingrich Blows it on Invasion

IMMIGRATION IS WHAT HAPPENS when you queue up and do your due diligence at the — you know — Immigration office. What’s coming over the border from Mexico is not “immigration.” It is an invasion. The dispossessed of a semi-hostile state are herded over our border, in effect made “our” problem in what really ought to be considered an act of war.

Saying that we need to face up to the facts and be compassionate because the enemy policy has been successful so far is witless.

When compassion seeks to overrule laws of nature, death is the result. Read The Cold Equations by Tom Godwin. The economics of the alien invasion from Mexico are ruthless. The solutions of the cold equations will only exact a portion of the cost, but exact they will, and the final result will be the end of our Republic. And the invaders from the South will not be the better for it.

Plus: I wanna know how the people of Spanish or Indian descent, whose ancestors have lived in the Southwest for 400 or 500 years, who have never broken a law in their lives, who work hard, go to church, and try to raise their children right… How do they feel being knee-jerkily lumped together with people who broke the law on Day 1 and have never stopped in all the time they’ve been here, who want to turn the Southwestern United States into yet another Third World hellhole? How do they feel about having their attitudes assumed and co-opted to push an agenda that they may not agree with — may, in fact, find odious, despicable, and just plain awful? How do they feel about being used as pawns by Washington ruling-class types at election time, then abandoned when invaders and other criminals trespass on their land, steal their property, and threaten their lives?

How dishonest is it to assume they agree with you in a monolithic bloc and will vote a certain way based on your disrespect for the rule of law and the fundamental ideals of the country?

Me, I’d say, “Pretty damned…

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