New Toy

THANKS TO THE indispensible Tech Support, we have new toys. First, an RSS feed. Well, an Atom feed. I understand there’s some distinction, though — me — I couldn’t tell you what’s which.

But: take a bow, Connie.

Over in the right column — up near the top (if you’re on the blog page itself, that is), there’s a button. You click on it, and, if you have a browser made in this century, in a new window or tab will open a page containing our Atom feed.

If you have a feed reader, you can paste that URL into your “Subscribe” box and it will be pushed to you.

OR… if you’re on Facebook, you can follow the blog on their Networked Blogs app. THAT you can do by clicking on the “Follow This Blog” button at the bottom of the Networked Blogs widget, ALSO over t’ th’ right column.

I get th’ impression, since Alger went through all these gyrations — on his day off, no less, (feature that) — for the purpose of getting the Networked Blogs feed to work, he’d prefer that you go that route. Da Doll, however, moi is agnostic. You do whatever blows your dress up.

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