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BEEN DOING something like this for some time, so I might’s well make it an official Department. We’ll call it the: So Lemme Get This Straight Department.

First Entry:

Recent hire to the position of Superintendent of Police in the great city of Chicago, Illinois, Garry McCarthy (speaking after Father Pfleger — there’s a recommendation for you) asserts that the Second Amendment to the Constitution is of a piece with Jim Crow.

That Democrat attempts to keep freedmen from defending themselves against lynch mobs … What? Never happened?

If the man is that hung up on the historical bad treatment of blacks in America, why in the world is he working for a Democrat administration. After all, it was Democrats who fought tooth and nail against ending slavery in 1789. It was Democrats who fought tooth and nail against ending the slave trade in 1803. It was Democrats who fought tooth and nail to ensure that the new states in the West were slave states. It was Democrats who broke away from the Union and formed the Confederacy. It was Democrats who opposed Lincoln’s handling of the Civil War and earned the name Copperheads. It was Democrats who, after the war, fought every attempt at proper civil rights legislation, right down to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It was Democrats who were the police chiefs, the mayors, the sherrifs, the governors who fought against the civil rights movement of the ’50 and ’60s and had to have Republican President Eisenhower sic the National Guard on them to enforce basic human rights.

And it’s Democrats today who want to keep blacks on the white liberal guilt plantation and prevents them from gaining access to true prosperity through school vouchers, low taxes, minimal meddling in the operation of small businesses, and so-forth.

To repeat: If this guy is so hung up on the bad treatment of blacks in this country, Win The Future is he doing working for a Democrat administration?

So long as he keep retailing Democrat lies, well…

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