Nanny Bloomberg Refuses

TO PROVIDE TIME AND SPACE for Christian clerics at the ten-year-anniversary memorial services commemorating the Black Tuesday atrocities of September 11, 2001.

It’s not about religion, he says. Not any particular religion, he says.

Lemme axe ya, this, Nanny: who did the splodeydopes SAY they were attacking? Did they not say they were attacking The Crusaders? And the cross is the symbol of which religion, now?

Granted the splodeydopes are an RCH off kilter. A few chicken fingers short of the full snack pack. Missing a couple of shots from the old Long Island Iced Tea. But, doncha think, if somebody says, “I hate him; I’ma gonna kill him” and then DOES it, there might be a hate crime there? And, maybe — just maybe — a reasonable person would make room for him or his survivors at memorial services for the fallen victims of said crime?

And might those slighted be at least understood, if not excused, for their bad attitude toward the officious fuckwad sticking his nose in where it’s probably not wanted anyway?

Waitaminnit, Alger! If the memorial is an official one, and the Mayor is the boss of official, dunt he have the right and responsibility to decide?

No. Says right here, “… respecting the establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof…” and it’s long-established that that does NOT mean “just Congress,” but ANY gummint entity. Seems to me that Nanny B is breaking that rule BOTH ways, by establishing AND infringing on the right of free exercise, and ought to be told to go piss up a very long and non-absorbent rope.

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