Myriad Folks Have Already

POINTED OUT THE VACUITY (not to mention mendacious nature) of a commercial being run by the public employees union thugs in support of the Repeal Senate Bill 5 initiative.

(For out-of-staters, SB5 was the bill — signed into law by Gov. Kasich — which followed the trail broken by Wisconsin earlier on in aid of saving various polities from bankruptcy (and massive layoffs, it should be noted) by relieving them of the requirement to support unsustainable and outlandish benefits packages.

(This current ballot initiative is a perfect example of the treacherous nature of the Left. It refuses to recognize or even acknowledge the results of an election. It seeks, instead, to overturn the election — which resulted in a Republican governor and a Republican majority in the state assembly being elected as a part of the TEA Party tsunami last November.

(Said governor and majority discussed and brought to pass a bill enacting the principles the public appeared to agree to as evidenced by those election results. The public has been subjected to a non-stop temper-tantrum ever since the bill was signed.

(The Left — in the persons of ASFCME, SEIU, and the rest of the usual suspects — has ranted non-stop about how, if SB5 be allowed to stand, houses will burn, you won’t be safe in your beds, and your children will go barefoot, hungry, and ignorant.

(Nevermind that these conditions occur now, and the state — and municipalities in the state — are on an asymptotic curve to bankruptcy.))

The commercial in question harkens back to the old Brinks security TV commercial in which a housebreaker throws a brick through a sliding glass door in the direct sight of a female occupant of the house (one presumes the wife of the married couple whose children have just been sent to bed). Instantly, the house alarm goes bonkers and the phone rings. It’s Brinks’ monitoring facility, responding to the alarm.

(Which, if I answered that in a similar situation, I would be tempted to snark, “Don’t distract me; you’ll throw my aim off.”)

But to which commercial, the gunny community has copiously responded with snark and snorts of derision, and bumper stickers slogans such as, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

So, now, in a state with (how many million?) CCW holders, the unions are trying to scare the public with the notion that, if they support Issue 2, which vote would uphold SB5, cutbacks in police and fire (and, somehow, the teachers) would leave householders vulnerable to home invasions.

Which, as I say, is said as though that condition didn’t already obtain.

It is to laugh.

I tell you that to tell you this: As I have, I hope, amply demonstrated, the commercial — indeed, the whole campaign — is founded in a lie, and that is that SB5 will inevitably result in cutbacks when, in fact, the exact opposite is true — failure to act in this matter will result in budget shortfalls and therefor the threatened cutbacks, not the opposite.

That’s right, the unions are lying to you. Again.

::gasp!:: Shocked, I tell you — shocked!

And, for about the brazilianth time, I axes ya: why do you continue to support these people who do not have your best interests at heart, only want to further entrench and enhance their own power at your expense, to force you willy-nilly to contribute your hard earned money to their cause, and WILL NOT come to your rescue if their policies cost you your livelihood?


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