My First Smart Phone

SO HERE’S HOW YOU START a dogpile in your blog comments. Mac vs Windows.

I have a choice to take between an iPhone 4s and a Windows phone — a Samsung Focus.

I think the criteria pro and con come down to this: does the computer interface with the iPhone require an Apple computer to — frex: program the address book, or up- or download music or ebook files?

As I am of the opinion that Apple is no friend to creatives — taking the stand they do on the DCMA and DRM, and their collusion in restraint of trade with the Big 6 publishing houses in the whole agency-pricing-model-slash-price-fixing scandal, I will not now or ever in the future use iTunes or iBooks, so those features of the iPhone do not entice me in that direction. And, if iTunes is the only way that MP3s can be played on the iPhone, that may turn out to be a dispositive negative. (I am aware that there is a Kindle app for the iPhone.) But, if there are other reasons pro the iPhone, I’m open to persuasion.

Speak your minds in comments. As always, play nice.

Update: went with the iPhone.

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