Musings on Self Defense

OUR CURMUDGEON DIRECTS us — in the manner of directing traffic, not as a command (well, OK, yes, as a command, still all the same, just sayin’s all) — to a post entitled “The Ugly Heart of the Left”.

This is not ground we have missed plowing in prior seasons of plowing.

PolyKahr — the author — quotes from Jeffrey Folks, posting at American Thinker:

The ultimate frontier, or “solution,” is to legislate the removal of human beings from part or all of the earth’s surface. More than a few environmentalist leaders, including our current national science and technology advisor John Holdren, have advocated the reduction of human population to what they consider a “sustainable” level. What the left intends in this regard varies from one policymaker to another (from current global population of nearly 7 billion to somewhere between two billion and a few hundred million, or even none), but in nearly every case the concept of a “sustainable” population involves reductions that cannot be achieved by voluntary means.

No one in my memory has been so witless as to assert this stance in my presence. (Might attest to my taste in companions. ::preen::) However, were some idiot do so, my immediate response would be: OK. Fair enough. You first.

After all, if you have the courage of your convictions, you should be willing to live or die by them, right? And if not, then you’re just a wanker and a poseur and that’s it fer you, then. (A little gratuitous Scum of the Earth pop-culture reference fer ya, there.)

But today, I find myself wondering. Here’s an official of the government, directly threatening my life—for no reason, without due process of law—and threatening to use the power of his office to bring about my demise.

Where is the legal line drawn on self-defense?


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