Miguel Cervantes

CHOSE WINDMILLS as standins for giants in the mind of his protagonist, Don Quixote de la Mancha, because — well, there were a lot of them around the Spanish landscape. They were a familiar fixture to his readers.

Around 250 years later, the clipper ships on the China run were the pinnacle of achievement in wind power. They wrung the greatest return out of investments in wind power the earth had ever seen. They even offered serious competition — in certain conditions, over certain routes — to steam-powered vessels, which is why they were the preferred means of transporting — for example — tea until long after other routes were switched to powered shipping.

But that was it. Wind power as played out. The Dutch converted their famous windmills to steam and even electric power. More reliable for pumping out the polders behind the dykes. In a situation where dry ground meant the difference between life and death, it was a no-brainer. The actual mill structures became kitsch houses — those that survived.

The world over — with certain, limited exceptions — left wind power behind with a vast, collective sigh of relief.

And then came the brain-dead enviro-wackos. Not conservationists — dedicated to the best use of resources. No. The watermelons on the Left who witter on about “ecology” like they had a clue want no use of any resources. They want the entire world to live in some romanticized notion they have of a bucolic, medieval village existence (complete with kings and a hereditary aristocracy, one presumes). Or worse. For, eventually, their programs would have all of us scratching for subsistence in a pre-agricultural, stone-age condition.

And, when they say that “we” need to reduce the human population on the earth, they mean “they” are going to “kill” “you.” They may not get your blood on their hands — they’re really good at that: avoiding taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions and policies — but make no mistake; they mean for them to live and you to die.

So, while this little bit of news should come with some small degree of schadenfreude, still in all, it’s wise to keep a weather eye open. Faced with bare facts as to the failure of one of their pet nostrums, rest assured they will not quit. In the words of that great man of steel — They’ll be ba-a-ack.

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