FR: Not your constituent
DT: 9/4/09
RE: YOUR Town Hall


Glad to hear you decided to hold one. Sorry to hear you don’t “get” a lot about them.

When Ronald Reagan shouted down a protester with the line, “I paid for this microphone,” he spoke nothing but the truth. He had paid for the microphone and the stage and the use of thehall. And he was asserting a central truth about freedom of speech, freedom of the “press,” and so-forth: the man who pays the piper calls the tune.

When you asserted, “This is MY town hall meeting and I set the rules…” you missed a central point. YOU are not paying the piper; the attendees — your constituents, the taxpayers in your district are. YOU do not call the tune; the People do.

If the situation is other than this, if the microphone and the hall and the rest were not paid for with public funds, and this was a campaign stop (for example), then there is an entirely other set of questions to be raised. But let us not start out by assuming that species of corruption attends your office, and go with the more charitable assumption: you, sir, are an idiot.

As is frequently observed, ordinarily, the voters seem collectively to have a short memory. A gaffe committed in an off year might be assumed to have been forgotten come Election Day. This election cycle, however, well… not so much.

I suspect your arrogance may have just cost you your office. Or, as Darleen Click observed in the above-linked post, get ready to be pwn3d.

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