Mead’s Main Failing Is That He’s Too Liberal

IN THE SENSE THAT HE is too kind to people he really should view as enemies. Take greens for example.

He writes as though he actually takes the modern green movement at its word that it’s actually concerned about the environment. Couldn’t be further from the truth. Take for example the undeniable fact that their pressing for biofuels WILL result in diminishing the world food supply, WILL result in higher food prices (or, rather, already is), WILL eventuate in greater starvation among the world’s poor.

Mead seems to think this is an — scorn quotes — “unanticipated” consequence. (Which, as we have, I think, pretty well demonstrated, is a logical nonentity.) Far from it. It is not a bug, but a feature. Just remember, the eco-marxists in the modern international green movement WANT to kill off large swathes of humanity. We should encourage them to show the depth of their commitment by telling them, “You first.”

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