Me, Too

WHAT JOE said. I like what I read in the publisher’s blurb for this book at Amazon. It almost ought to serve as a call to arms for lovers of liberty everywhere.

The philosophical idea of liberty and Capitalism reached its peak at the time our Founding Fathers were authoring the U.S. Constitution and its enumerated Bill of Rights. Standing repeatedly in the way of progress and human dignity, then and now, are the nihilistic philosophies of radical economic Socialism and its myopic mystical counterpart, violent religious fanaticism. Today, these two binary ideological forces are embodied by irrational terrorism on the part of Islamic fanatics in the Middle East (e.g. Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc.), and radical secular extremists posing as intellectuals in the socialist wing of the Democratic Party, the U.S. Congress and the White House. Together they form a political and ideological date-rape drug for liberty and Capitalism. The present work advocates amending Federal treason law to include the definition of Socialism as a traitorous act of intellectual terrorism, and prosecuting the legislative acts of Socialism by the elected enemies within the American government who would destroy Capitalism, end private property, expropriate the means of all production and manufacturing; ultimately destroying our American right to “…Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.


Awhile back, I had a bit of a spat with Roberta X over the contention that Islam is a toxic ideology, just as are Marxist communism and other, allied forms of collectivism. The spat was triggered (I think) by the impression given that those who understand that these ideologies are toxic believe their practitioners should be rounded up and transported to concentration and re-education camps or worse. In my case at least, nothing could be further from the truth.

The cornerstone of our republic is freedom: freedom of movement and action; freedom of belief, speech, and writing; freedom of conscious. You yank that out of the edifice, the whole thing comes tumbling down. People must be free to go where, do what, say, write, and think what they believe to be right.

People. THE people.

The state, on the other hand, must be straitly limited.

So, based solely on the paragraph above, the author of the work described is terribly mistaken. The treason laws must not be changed. The Constitution must be amended to make it crystal clear — with enforcement mechanisms and consequences spelled out — that the state, at all levels of authority and jurisdiction, is forbidden these things — the policies of collectivism, the specific provisions of Islamic law. THEN, if you wish to change the treason law, change it so that making law of this type is treason, with no statute of limitations.

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