May Be Beating a Dead Horse, But

I STILL THINK THIS BEARS repeating. I think unions are inherently un-American. They rely for their effectiveness on violations of several fundamental principles of Americanism. They encompass the vitiation of the rights of private property and free association. They could not exist at all were it not for a corrupt and corrosive (not to mention invidious) collusion between labor and government to the detriment of society at large. Their organizing principles are founded around coercion — including, but not limited to, civil (or, perhaps, UNcivil) violence. They exhibit all of the bad traits of democracy (read: mob rule) and none of the good ones. They distort pricing signals on labor, and extort untenable promises from the organizations and institutions they batten onto like lamphreys. I believe that, not only should public sector unions be banned, but private sector unions should be stripped of their antitrust exemptions and the right to strike. If employees want to exercise their right of free association to bargain collectively with businesses, well and good. Let them play on the same field as everyone else — one of free and voluntary exchange, untainted by fraud or coercion.

That is all.

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