Mark Steyn, On Rush’s

SHOW FRIDAY WENT OFF ON THE birthers. I suspect he misses the point. Or, at least, my point.

Although the most recent submission in the contretemps stinks to high heaven, I’m not certain it matters. The damage to the constitutional order was done when Obama’s juggernaut ride toward his immaculation wasn’t braked to a screeching halt and affirmative proof of his citizen demanded, submitted, and vetted. And, I suppose, that’s what happens when constitutional questions fall into the hands of the likes of the Clintons and become political dirty tricks. It really shouldn’t matter if the question is raised by anyone with “standing” or whether the issue even comes up, let alone who it’s raised by. It should be an ironclad requirement that, before you ever run for the office, you have affirmatively satisfied the People — all the people — that you are definitely qualified for the office.

And, if being unqualified, a man (or woman) is allowed to come to occupy the office, not only should he or she be prosecuted and punished for the crime, but all of the electors and representatives of the People who permitted the travesty to eventuate should suffer as accomplices.

And all of his acts while in office should be mooted.

It is far too easy for politicians to get away with crimes against the People.

THAT is the issue we’re about. Or, at any rate, I am.

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